About us

We are very passionate with what we do!

Although the Music industry is at stake, or let’s carefully admit that it cannot get any worse, we are still believing in good and bad.

Good and bad basically means good sounding and bad sounding.
We like to mix both, analog and digital technology and simply aim for the best results.
May it be the knowledge of how to create sounds, turn the right knob and press the right button,
having the right man behind the desk and the right machinery to be used.
I´d like to say „all of that“ and the most important thing, many seem to ignore nowadays, remains with the human touch and the passion that leads to great results. 
Old fashioned? 
It was working then, its still working now …..it´s simple …..when it feels and sounds right,
don´t fix it!




       Mark Cross                      Jan Müller                    John ABC Smith              Max Kretzenbacher           
  Director/Engineer          Assistant engineer             Producer/Engineer            Producer/Engineer     

Sound Bunker Studios
The Drum Dungeon
Live band recording / Drum recordings / real Piano
Post Production
Pre Production / Tour Production / Pre Tour Rehearsals

Crossroads Productions 
CRP Booking
CRP Merchandising
CRP Tour support
Backline rental

MC Drum Lessons & Masterclass
Drum Masterclass Workshops
Drum recording Seminars

Sound Bunker Club (for hire)
with small live stage in Venue (big PA!!) 

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